Sunday, 6 December 2015


It is not the same English that xxx porn porno in English. Care. Most porn industry there is the US, obviously filmed in English, but the language was born in England and that is where we turn now to look at what is the situation of adult film in this country that the topic says which it is full of stretched, serious and posh people. This, of course, is false as all topics, but let's see how the porn lives in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The fact is that for some time has been the victim pornography, in that island territory, some very serious restrictions, and some of the acts and genres that could hitherto find in porn movies British production have come to be banned .

For example fisting -the introduction of a whole fist in the vagina-, sit on your face or strangulation, which since December 2014 is considered hazardous to people's lives and are not permitted in the English porn.

Nor it is considered as too strong legal spanking, bondage Length, the golden rain that has the "victim" to another person or be careful with this because it is very surprising, show female ejaculation. You can understand, however, morality underlying the prohibition of scenes of verbal violence or sex simulation without consent.

What else is not allowed in the English porn? Such as whips, penetration with objects or violent fictions that include minors who play them though are really considered adults.

There are several restrictions that respond to the moral typically associated with British society, although in some cases you can understand why things are forbidden according -and what would have to see to what extent is acceptable to prohibit when there is consent of all the parties involved- in others the law is directly ridiculous.

The fact is that with all these restrictions, a number of small producers specialized in specific genres that had no choice but to start closing their studies, either to focus on something else, either to take the gear to another country.

One of the most affected sectors is the porn made for women, which are presented in a dominant position and not subject to man, as the genre of the dominatrix. Now, if you can not shoot scenes in which the protagonist pain is consented, and with the absurd ban on female ejaculation, the English porn takes a big step back into the role of women.

Now, viewers are less affected by these measures, and that the new legislation covered only the British videos payment, but did not criminalize the viewing of content produced in other countries, nor free porn of British origin.

Like all such restrictive legislation, the new prohibitions affecting the independent and local artists of porn, what that basically generates considerable job losses and bounce negative consequences for the collection of public money in the UK.

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Still another problem: the loss of freedom, since the ban on online content always involves a curtailment of our rights as consumers of what we please. In this case it comes to acts that are not illegal -has become illegal to charge for its creation and distribute images about it-that does not affect people or conflict with laws to protect minors and human rights. In these cases, therefore, the bans only cause harm and no benefit, even for legislators who made them effective.

Should there be a system of age ratings to prevent minors from accessing potentially harmful content for your mind? Of course, and as there is in the UK, but when someone wants to access something always finds a way to do it. But it is a problem of education, and forbid what is natural, harmless and pleasant for humans is something that only serves to make the most conservative sectors, bitter enemies of pornography, get a win.